Travel with the Tribe

Travellers to Zanskar have been known to say, “We came as tourists, and leave as honoured guests.” Mountain Tribal Vision invites you to join them by becoming our very special guest. Our bespoke service provides bridges for travellers from the modern world to an ancient land steeped in tradition, full of mystery and remote beauty.

Choose a trek to suit your experience and circumstances, from a gentle trek for all the family to something hearty and challenging as the Chader in winter.

Name of trek

Time of year

Length of trek

Difficulty rating

Points of interest

Brief description of the trek

Chader trek

Mid-January to mid-February

19 days


Trekking along a frozen river: possibility of snow leopard sightings

This trek really illustrates life in Zanskar’s deepest midwinter.  Not for the faint-hearted, we trek for 19 days along the frozen river camping along the way in caves.  This trek also offers a unique opportunity to become involved, at grass-roots level, with snow leopard conservation work.  Check out the blog for latest updates.

Leh -Testa -Leh

20th June to 6th July

17 days


Moderate trekking/ cultural tour with beautiful scenery

Summer months in Zanskar are truly beautiful, with temperatures between 10°C -20°C.  The trekking route we take on this adventure is through stunning landscape, epic mountains and includes pilgrimages to ancient monasterie Local culture can be experienced first-hand on regular forays to villages.  Singing and dancing with locals in the evenings an integral part of this adventure!

Manali-Zanskar- Leh

15th July to  6th August

22 days


Local culture, high mountains and passes, monasteries, off-the-beaten- track routes which pass through lesser-visited villages.  Opportunity to study Tibetan medicinal plants and flowers.

Starting in the warm (and probably rainy) foothill town of Manali, this trek soon comprehends high altitude blue skies and the vastness of the great Himalayas of Zanskar and Ladakh. Passing  through high altitude passes, this trek takes us through little-discovered villages and monasteries. During the trek, there is ample opportunity to study the medicinal flora of the region with our accomplished cook and Tibetan Herbalist, Tsering Lotus.

Leh –Padum- Leh

10th August to 26th August

16 days


Perfect trek to begin with for those with no previous trekking experience or with young families.  Opportunity to stay in villages with local families.


After ample acclimatisation in Leh, we will drive towards Zanskar.  Passing the village of  Mulbick, we will witness stone carvings from around the first century (Christian Era).  On this gentle trek, we will stop off at other ancient sites and monasteries.  At night, we will stay in the homes of villagers.  There will also be opportunities to visit schools and educational projects on this journey.

Zalung-Karpo trek

1st September to 14th September

15 days


Mountains, culture and monasteries, for those who wish to explore just Ladakh and the environs of Leh

This short trek in the valley of Leh is for trekkers wishing to explore Ladakh and the environs of Leh. We will start our trek  from Cheling sku and finish at Dat, taking in monasteries and other historic sites before heading back to Leh.

Bespoke Adventures: for further unique experiences, let us take you off the beaten track along little-known paths and routes to discover plants, rocks, villages, monasteries, on tailor-made adventures developed in close partnership with our experienced trekking guides. Contact us for details.